“Association of exercise and recovery, created with the aim of introducing tools that can be used to improve ones well being”

Harmony and ballance within our physical, mental and spiritual selves is essential to our well being.
All of these aspects must take into consideration in the overall context of healing, Consideration must be given to each persons own needs, environment, and relation with him/herself.

Apart from the pathology that affects us, We would like to make available a “Some tools”, which can be used to help remove obsticles we may find and make easier the road to good health.

At ALEGRO We  fully understand the importance of the energy each person contributes to their recovery process, regarless of illness. It is possible to generate radical changes to ones evolution, our attitude and action determine the moment recovery begins.


“Everything we make for ourselves is an integral part of any treatment”.


We all need to work to improve ourselves. The aim is that this website be used  to help anybody affected by illness  but  equaly those that are not  will benefit.

Our purpose is to guide each person to become consious, active, and responsible , to make thier part of the process  to follow.

The support of people  with similar experiences will help make recovery´s plan more effective.

We are here to help you.