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13 febrero 2012

“You can live two months without food and two weeks without water, but you can live only a few minutes without Air.” (Master Hung Yi-hsiang)”

Each minute we breath between 10 and 15 times.
Each day we breath enough air to inflate several thousand baloons.

Just 20% of the air we inhale is oxygen.
Each of the body´s cells rely on it to survive. Some of them, for example the Cells of the brain, would begin to die after just a few minutes without Oxygen.

-The health of each of our systems depend on our Breathing.
-Various things can affect the levels of oxygen we recieve.
-When breathing, we use just a Fraction of our Lung capacity.
-The role of the diaphram is fundamental.

“One deep breathing processes 3 times the volume of air than 1 normal breath”



The rythm of our every day lifes directly affect the intake of oxygen. Natrualy taking short breaths for example.
Like this we are breathing Fast and short , putting all of the work onto the Clavicular Zone and forgeting to use the Abdominamal zone.

To help with this try the following exercise:

1.-Sit or lying with the column as straight as possible.
Put your hands above your abdomen beneath your navel.
Breath in through your nose, pushing your belly out (or up if you are lying) like inflating your abdomen.
Steadily totaly Exhale
Repeat it several times.

2- Now put your hands above your chest, finger inside direction.
Inspire inflating toraxic box. The ribs separate to both sides.
Shoulders and neck relax.
Exhale very long.
Repeat it several times.

3.-Now put both techniques together.
In a same breathing, first full your abdomen of air, and then, your chest until the end of your inhalation.
Hold in for a second.
And exhale all the air.
We count four times for inhale and four times for exhale.

At the beginning repeat 6 times. Then rest breathing like normal.
And repeat 2 series of the same, making a pause in the middle of both, until you feel confidence with the exercise.

With this exercise we are cleaning the cells of our lungs that was old and not in use, to giving new life, restoring the chance to absorve more oxigen, beneffiting all the sistems and our general health.

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