Commitment instead of empowering others.

“…If we think a while, we´ll discover that the entire history of medicine is, in fact, a story of empowering others: we tend to put the blame on our maladies for our ill-fated lives, we pass the burden of our diseases to the fact of not being happy, we delegate in doctors the responsibility of curing us.

Doctors themselves delegate therapeutic action in scientific investigation or specific medicines. Generally, no one takes account of the human being standing in front. Doctor-patient relationship is a story about a macroscopic oversight. All those qualities that the very common sense is willing to acknowledge, the more genuinely human characteristics, are usually set aside.

Modern medicine, more often than not, cares poorly about quality. In its journey, it oversees diagnostic and therapeutical nuances as love, conscience, trust, beauty, creativity, joy, the will to listen, intention, vital energy, our own calling or true nature.

A new holistic vision aims to teach the human being how to assume the whole responsibility about him/herself. To recognize, by means of a conscious observation, acceptance and listening, that all facts in life, and therefore any disease, are nothing but allies that can show us our way throughout existence, the discovery of our personal calls, the ultimate realization of true nature in each and every one of us.”

Plantas Medicinales. Mantovani, L. Editorial Tikal