About… Inspirations

Our emotions, thoughts and activities affect our immune system and other systems as well, and are able to modify the course of any given disease.


Those of us who walk those toilsome paths learning through our physical body know well that each detail counts. Sometimes we get lost in our own existence about situations that can be sorted out and solved.


Alegro arises as a help-ground. There are elements and routines that have been extensively tested, and we believe will help you make life more enjoyable, whether or not you are suffering from any particular disease.


Of course everything will depend on the specific actions we take in that direction. Knowing things only from our intellect, in our surface conscious level, probably won´t be enough.


Commitment is needed towards building our well-being and take an active role in any treatment. Leaving behind self-victimization is crucial in order to undertake a recovery plan.


Fear not the future nor success!