Understanding and aceptation. Becoming Conscious

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18 febrero 2012

“Acceptation is not resignation” Stella Maris Maruso said.


Emotions, like our beliefs and  attitudes, are strong enough to  affect our immune system and other healing systems.


Most of the time the “mental image” that we have about what is happening is far from what we call “objetive reality”, let alone the point of view from of rest of the people.

Without judging which is the correct point of view we should be clear in each moment to see  where we stand, in this moment not in the future . The moment is now.

We need to be realistic and accept our selves as we are. It can be difficult to discover ones self good and bad .


We all have the inner sensation available to us, if we are bold , about what is and what is  not.

It has been proven that reality is this moment, right now, maybe, this is why you are reading this.


It will change as the point of view change. That is sure.

Let look at the options.



“Learning conscientiously or by accident” S.M.L. said.


Being the easiest tacktick there fore normaly the first  to be applied is   “Denial”.

We tell ourselves:”this is not happening”, “this can´t happen to me”.

And we leave the “things” to follow their own destiny.

The Denial is a way  to keep the situation out of reality.

Continuing with  life as if  nothing is amiss, waiting for  “things” to improve by themselves.

In this state one can adapt to live even when symptoms appear, making it normal to mask any suffering.



Distraction can be another form denial. We distract to avoid confrontation of the problem. There are many ways we can choose  not to pay attention.For example addiction is one form of escape. It doesn´t matter what the addiction be it drugs,  compulsive shopping , t.v., work ,etc..It is purely another entertainment used to

distract  the attention from where it should be.



“The victim Role

When playing “The Victim Role” we recognise the situation but  feel totaly helpless,  believing that the situation is fixed, and without the power to make any change, we choose the option to complain and suffer, to manipulate, in a consciuous or unconscious way, to the persons that are close, to demand their attention, even partners friends or familly. Complaining more and more, feeling totaly worthless and that all the evil of the world is above my head.

That is something similar to “self-compasion”.



Note: do not cheat yourself. This is your “ego”, when I say “all the bad things just happen to me”. We all have bad times sometimes. The pain is part of life, unavoidably. And all of mankind have had experienced situations unpleasant.

The most important is to pass through each situation with out adding further negative thoughts to tha pain that is already there.,


To suffer means make worst a situation. for example there exists an expression that talks of putting your finger into the wound

Giving too much  thought, to things that may or may not be real.

That is a “pre-ocupation”. The word is self explainitary. Occupation before something happens. How can we put our attention in something that still has not happened and probably never will??

..These are just a few ways  by which  we waste time and energy, making ourselves poorer in many aspects.


We should avoid this mental state, as it exactly opposes the whole cure!!!




Now we realize that we play an essential part any self  maintenance and health recovery program. During times such as this , our actions, above what is happening will play a very important role.


“Its not what happens to us, its how we deal with it that matters” (S.M.L.).


That is the difference between helping the body heal itself or helping the illness itself.


Aceptation is not the same that resignation.

With resignation we are victims, with our hands and feet tied.

With acceptation we are part of the whole process, and with this in mind we can move forwards .


Everything that happens contains a hiden message that we should discover and use to expand our conscious and  the road of life.

We work for our body, our spirit and our mind.

That is not religion. It is a universal truth that we all have as part of each of us ,whether  conscious of it or not.


to be continued…

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